Privacy Statment.

Lewis 4x4 has produced this Privacy Statement so the you, the webuser, can be assured of best practises of any personal information that you provided ourselves with.

Information Collected on
Lewis 4x4 will collect information from you when you are at our website for statistical anylasis, this type of information is user independant and totally anonymous. This information is demographical in nature, and is used to tailor our site to your needs. Types of information collected is the browser type you are using, resolution/screen size and other non-personal information. Any information that you provided us with directly, will be held in confidence and no information collected on this website will be shared with third parties.

Use of cookies and other client-side identification systems
This website does not make use of any client-side user identification systems

Third Party Websites
Lewis 4x4 can not be held responsible for content and the privacy policy of any third party website that links to or from this website, including PayPal who are our payment provider system. Click here to view paypal's privacy policy

If you have a question concerning your privacy on please email us at